Well thought-out interior design must not only look great, it must also serve a practical function. Preferably, one that benefits anyone in the space – whether they just go there, or live in it. Their experience can be enhanced in at least three ways: increasing usable space with unconventional door ideas (to learn more about the kings of these ideas, browse the barn door hardware at Barn Door Hardware | Specialtydoors.com); ensuring the stability and integrity of the components used; and improving inhabitants’ health through use of non-toxic materials. 

Saving Space with Sliding Doors

Door hardware components, especially sliding doors, are an elegant and effective way of saving space. To save on maintenance fees down the road, it is important to get it not from a big-box store or a normal online shop, but from a specialist dealer that provides components built to an uncompromising standard, built to be long-lasting.

Traditional swing doors occupy a radius of as much as 36” (3ft) of the 90-170 degree area it spans. In fact, they can occupy to 20 square feet of floor space. Sure, you can put some stuff in part of the area it occupies, but in most cases, you make a compromise: the door’s full movement is limited, and it’s slightly awkward when you open it outward.

Sliding barn doors are highly effective at tackling this issue. The only space occupied is the thin side-to-side area. You can use the added floor space for additional storage, and most importantly, when you’re using the door, and someone else is approaching, nothing is in their way – they don’t have to step aside.

Quality of Materials

Sliding barn door hardware is widely available at big-box stores such as The Home Depot and Wayfair. However, in this area, they’re followers, not leaders. When barn door hardware became a trend in the 2010’s, naturally, people wanted to have this luxury at an affordable, mass-market price.

Keep in mind: what you gain in savings, you may lose in convenience and quality. You may expect that certain generic products and hardware haven’t been inspected and set up by specialists.

Lower quality results in the following problems down the line:

  • Earlier breakages
  • Additional maintenance and repair costs
  • Earlier replacement of the door or hardware
  • Hardware that wears prematurely can get annoying!

In short, investing more upfront is worth it. You’ll save a lot more costs in the long run.

It takes the same labor to install a cheap part, if not more, as installing a quality part. The difference with quality parts? You’ll never have to touch them again for years to come.

Also, whether it’s the quality of the materials, or even the quality of the installation job, the same rules apply to every aspect of your interior design, especially when constructing the house. It has been proven time and time again that it will take you extra time to install cheaper parts, and plus, the additional blood, sweat and tears of maintenance down the road. Oh, and trying to find those fly-by-night suppliers afterwards.


When people develop allergies, or other health problems, it could be because of toxins their home is made of. Don’t even get me started on a home you’ve lived your whole life in.

When constructing a home, be sensible with the materials. What do they release into the air? How does it affect you when you breathe? Are the materials mold-resistant? Do they need frequent cleaning to be safe? Do they help or hurt your oxygen intake? (Increased long-term oxygen intake is vital to your livelihood – 90% of your cell energy comes from it. To enhance your physical stamina, and your awakeness and alertness, you’ve got to get more oxygen day-to-day.)

Choose materials that help you breathe better, sleep better, and most of all, are hypoallergenic and keep pests away.

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