Currently, the W88 bookie with its reputation and reputation has constantly expanded its market share, attracting a large community of gamers. It is also for this reason that the game portal often encounters web crashes, blocking links. W88VIP – one of the bookmakers most known by many gamers is the perfect alternative. Let’s find out about this website right away.

Answering questions about W88VIP
When accessing the W88 dealer, it is certain that many gamers will experience overload leading to link collapse or being blocked by card games and betting is not really accepted in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, the presence of redundant addresses, W88’s subsidiaries is a perfect alternative for the community of players.

In fact, it can be said that W88VIP is also W88 because between these 2 websites there is no difference in the form, interface or the number of game cards provided to customers.

W88VIP is one of the most welcome websites among the links leading to W88’s children because of its smooth interface, operation method and fast transaction execution speed. Grasping the uses of W88VIP helps players to have more choices when faced with the main web crash, which is not accessible.

W88VIP is a very welcome website in Vietnam
W88VIP is a very welcome website in Vietnam
Come to W88VIP to receive great deals
When accessing W88VIP, W88Bet the first impression of users is a series of “huge” promotions, overwhelming the newcomers. So what incentive programs are there at W88VIP to attract and retain members for your game portal?

New member deals
When talking about the promotions that W88VIP offers to its members, there is no shortage of special offers for new players who already own a game account at W88VIP. The outstanding incentive programs that you can refer to:

For new members, after confirming the main account, the dealer will give away a discount worth VND90,000.
Incredible bonus worth up to 4,000,000 VND for members who deposit the first time at Slots Game.
Bonus up to 100% up to VND 1,000,000 when members deposit money for the first time at some online casino card games, betting or lottery,
The incentives for longtime members
In order to retain a large number of gaming community, besides the advantages of customer care, card games and interfaces, it is impossible not to mention special periodic promotions:

For online shooting fish games, gamers can get the chance to receive rewards up to 2,000,000 VND.
When players participate in betting on the disc and have a big chance to receive prizes worth 500,000 VND.
If players persistently take part in betting and accumulate bonus points at sports betting programs, players will have the opportunity to win huge rewards worth up to VND 66.550.000.
Gamers participating in playing cards at VIP online casino will receive the chance to win 55,888,000 VND,
Besides, there are a series of other awards waiting for longtime gamers to discover.

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Cards and betting products offered by W88VIP to customers
Next, we will learn about the huge pool of card games and betting available at W88VIP. Here, the game store that players experience will be no less than the main website W88.

Sports betting
Sports betting odds are something that W88VIP has always focused on to provide players with the most attractive bets.

At W88VIP, gamers will be able to bet on a full range of sports from volleyball, basketball, especially football, with attractive odds and updated regularly, helping the participants. Catch bets accurately and easily change, improve the odds of winning.

The size of the bet at W88VIP is extremely large, ranging from low bets to “unexpected” big numbers. If luck comes, getting rich through bets is extremely easy.

Online Casino
Online casino is the product that made W88 a name, and so is W88VIP. The card games developed by this game portal always give players a sense of satisfaction, high entertainment and great win rate. Some typical card games at online casino W88VIP:

Baccarat: Is one of the most chosen card games to play because of the simple, easy-to-understand rules, and a large win rate. When playing Baccarat, players will have to wager on whether the Player or Banker Hand will win. If the result is correct, the player wins and wins the bet.

Thai Sicbo: Thai Sicbo is also one of the very popular games at W88’s online casino. How to play the game Thai Sicbo is very simple, no need for players to think too much but is attracted by the drama from the elements of luck. Accordingly, players will have to choose a betting door to predict the outcome of the dice.
Poker: Poker cards have long been a very famous card game in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular, that is why gamers choose to play Poker cards when participating in online casinos is not. strange thing. When playing poker, players need to have a strong mindset and mentality to choose between betting, raising or following cards, observation and judgment are also factors that contribute to victory.
With the lottery games system provided by W88VIP, players will not need to move to direct lottery locations. Instead, when wagering the lottery at W88, the form of play and betting method will also be more diverse, increasing the odds of “winning the lottery” of many people.

How does W88 support trading for players?
Trading method is always something that many gamers are concerned with before joining any bookmaker. At W88VIP, transactions are simplified in terms of process and time-saving.

The form of making transactions at W88 is extremely diverse, players can top-up through their bank accounts, some e-wallets such as Momo, game cards, phone cards or with Quick Pay,

The diversification of transaction channels creates more convenience for customers. In addition, transaction time only fluctuates from 5 to 10 minutes if it falls into office hours, players do not need to wait long for the money to be transferred.

The transaction process at W88VIP is relatively simple, members only need to fill in personal information, deposit / withdrawal information to complete the procedure.

Overall rating of the gaming community about W88VIP
The following are objective reviews summarized from the process of participating in W88VIP from veteran gamers. Refer to the following points of view to help players get a better overview of this alternative child’s house:

Huge game store with diverse game genres, ranging from online casino to online lottery and sports betting odds. Diverse betting methods and large bet sizes give players more choices.
The preferential programs that are always held regularly have attracted a large community of gamers. In addition to lucky prizes, players can also receive promotions through a number of events as well as performing quests.
Customer care service at W88VIP is extremely excellent, the staff must undergo in-depth training in service style as well as expertise before officially working with customers. In addition, the language that W88VIP supports is relatively large, players will not need to worry about language differences when consulting.
The registration process is simple, players only need to fill in personal information (matching information of the trading account) and then confirm to complete the account creation. Note, W88 system only accepts transparent, legitimate data to limit tampering.
The interface of the home page when accessing W88VIP is beautiful and simple, giving players a lot of sympathy. The speed of the transmission line is fast, the game operates smoothly, without any lag.

Should join W88VIP?
As shared throughout the article, we can see that W88VIP is a subsidiary but not inferior to the main website. In addition, when it comes to security, gamers have absolutely no need to worry because of the perfection of the server, helping the information to be stored in encrypted form, providing maximum protection for customer data. .

In addition, W88VIP also commits not to disclose information to third parties for any purpose. Thus, what the gamer has provided to the dealer is absolutely secret. Compared to the main website, W88VIP has only a few minor differences in the interface and layout of the games, the rest are similar. Therefore, players can fully participate in this alternative link without having to worry about being scammed.

W88VIP – one of the famous children of W88, is the perfect choice for the gaming community when the main web crash occurs, the link is blocked. When participating in this website, you only need to provide transparent, official information, “all things”, the rest of the stage will be guided and supported from A to Z.